Training news by Seeing Dog Mobility Instructor, John Grave,

Despite lockdowns the charity is pleased to say that training continues as normal.

Terry and his Seeing Dog, Winston

We are so pleased to announce the recent qualification of Terry, who teams up with Seeing Dog, Winston, which you may have read about on one of our Facebook posts.

We are pleased to also let you know that we have a new dog who has just started training, Seeing Dog, Kim. Kim is a male, yellow Labrador who shows himself to be very bright dog that shows his best work when challenged by a demanding workload. Kim enjoys ‘clicker’ training, showing a willingness to understand concepts in pursuit of the reward. So far, we have covered his guiding position, kerb approaches, off-kerb obstacles, and Right Shoulder Work (RSW) and the avoidance of obstacles on the handler’s right shoulder, such as lamp posts and trees.

Please keep your eyes peeled for posts on the Seeing Dogs website featuring latest news from Puppy Rearers Aaron and Sara, and Margaret Atkins!