The worrying rise in dog theft, by Neil Ewart

The theft of dogs has been in the news a lot recently.

It is nothing new, but since the start of the pandemic, there has been a worrying increase.  As the crisis dies down, unfortunately, I see no reason why this despicable crime will disappear.

You may want to walk your dog with a friend or family member, if possible.

Dogs are stolen for money!  Either they are being sold on to unquestioning members of the public, or for ransom. You dog is stolen and then you get a phone call demanding a payment to get it back. Rest assured, this very rarely happens, and the dog is never seen again. A few are even taken to use as practise for future fighting dogs to rip to pieces! Terrible, but true.

There is a general belief that an assistance dog or puppy would not be targeted.

These people have no scruples, and all dogs are potential targets. However, these seven simple precautions may help to prevent the likelihood:-

  1. When giving your dog a free run please take a little care choosing your area.
  2. Ideally, have someone with you.
  3. Check your fencing at home is secure and don’t leave a dog outside and alone for too long.
  4. Unless imperative, do not leave your dog in a car, even when locked.
  5. Make sure your dog is micro-chipped – but this only helps get it back to you if it is found. Many thieves actually remove it!
  6. If you believe your dog has been stolen, then please let Seeing Dogs know asap.
  7. Last, and most important of all, inform the police and ensure it is logged as a ‘stolen’ and not a ‘lost’ dog. This makes sure it is recorded as a crime, and not just an incident.

Like so many things in life, it’s important that we don’t become paranoid and stop doing the things we enjoy, but that we are just more vigilant and alert. All dog owners need to be aware it is taking place all over the UK and isn’t likely to go away any time soon, I am sorry to say.

Happy walkies!


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