Meet Sue Scott, our new Seeing Dogs Instructor

Sue Scott with Rysk (L) and Seeing Dog, Georgie (R)

Hi, my name is Sue Scott, and I am delighted to be joining the team at Seeing Dogs Alliance as a Seeing Dog Instructor.

To give you some insight to my background and experience, in 1988 I started working at Guide Dogs, where my career initially began as a member of the kennel staff. I then moved on to become a guide dog trainer from 1990 to 1997 then, three years later, having completed my three-year apprenticeship, I became a qualified guide dog mobility instructor in 2000. This is the role I’ve been proud to carry out ever since.

My passion has always been working with dogs, I have competed in a number of dog sports with my pet GSD’s and Malinois, developing their skills from puppyhood.

What am I most excited about at the prospect of working with Seeing Dogs? The holistic approach of being involved in all stages of a dog’s development, including the puppy stage, is something I’m really looking forward to. I believe it will give me the opportunity to be part of developing confident, skilled dog that will be able to successfully carry out their guiding role, so resulting in a partnership that should flourish once established.

I must extend thanks to Seeing Dogs Instructor, John Grave, and indeed to everyone else who supports the charity including the amazing puppy rearers, and of course, to the dogs, for allowing me to begin my journey with them. The dog I am currently working with is a gorgeous black Labrador called Georgie, who has settled in straight away at home with me and my GSD, Rysk. I hope to update you on his progress in the coming months!

I’m also looking forward to commencing training with another puppy in the next few weeks, so exciting times lie ahead and I am looking forward to sharing news and updates with you.

Take care,


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