July training updates from our Seeing Dog Mobility Instructor, John Grave

Loany Febac and her Seeing Dog, Otis

The charity is pleased to announce the recent qualification of Loany Febac! This is Loany’s second dog from Seeing Dogs, and her puppy was reared by Margaret Atkins. Loany’s old dog, Marvin, can now enjoy his well-earned retirement as Otis takes up the lead on their new chapter together.

Thank you, Loany, for all your hard work – and congratulations!

Training News

John is currently training  two dynamic male labs, Georgie and Kim, this month.

Both are showing themselves to be full of confidence and initiative. If training goes well, they should be ready for client training in February or March next year.

The charity is very mindful of waiting times for training with a dog, but we hope to produce more units over the next two to three years that will make a dent on that wait.

Thank you to all the amazing Puppy Rearers for their unwavering commitment to produce such fine dogs, the Trustees for continuing to remain so committed over the lockdown period, and to all our donors and supporters for helping to grow the charity in order to ultimately help people who need a Seeing Dog.

Update on Cleo


Cleo is continuing to grow into those long legs of hers! She has just completed her puppy training and is looking forward to starting her Bronze course in the next few weeks.

We are still continuing to explore lots of different places, and we are still getting used to meeting lots of different people, (although social distancing has made this a challenge). She likes to let us know when it is breakfast time and dinner time (regardless of what time it is in the morning), and you can definitely tell when she has had a big walk compared to a small work – it is the difference between an afternoon of peace, and one where she just wants to constantly play!

She is working well on the lead and whilst she can be a little bit cheeky, she quickly focuses back on the task at hand…especially when there are hotdog sausages involved. In the coming months we are looking forward to getting her involved with more public transport, maintaining the foundation of training we have started and getting her in and around more public spaces now that things are opening back up.

Seeing Dogs will keep you updated on all its news, so please keep your eyes peeled on our ‘News’ page.