Is your dog overweight? Why blowing three pips on a whistle is the NUMBER ONE thing you need to know!

Overweight dogs are becoming as much as a problem as overweight people. Carrying too much weight puts added pressure on the vital organs and the ball joints of the dog.

Know your breed of dog and make sure you keep a consistent weight for the dog (it can’t do it by itself). Hopefully, it will live longer, have more energy and be happier.

Feeding your dog is a great opportunity to develop and improve your dog’s recall. Here’s how to do it in 2 simple steps: –

  1. Teach your dog to sit whilst you put the food bowl on the floor in front of him/her.
  2. Then blow three pips on a whistle to signal to the dog that it can break the sit and start eating.

That’s it! Over time whistle=food, whistle=food, whistle=food. Then start to take your whistle to the park and begin to reinforce the response before the dog acts on its self-interest.

N.B make sure you give it a special treat for coming to you and help strengthen the behaviour.