Do you want to support Seeing Dogs? Be inspired by 10 amazing fundraising ideas!


Get people to sponsor your favourite exercise or fitness event to raise funds for Seeing Dogs!

Would you like to raise money to support Seeing Dogs but don’t know where to start? Why not be inspired by these 10 fundraising ideas and help raise much-needed funds for the charity which trains and delivers seeing dog partnerships to assist people with visual impairments to live and enjoy an independent life.

1. Host a coffee morning – Invite friends and family members to a coffee morning (adhering to social distancing rules, of course) for a chat and catch-up. Participants donate the cost of their morning coffee to Seeing Dogs.

2. Virtual challenges – Could you organise a virtual cycle ride where participants are challenged with the task of cycling 3 miles every day for three weeks, for example, and are sponsored for doing so?

Try holding a charity virtual quiz night on Zoom

3. Quiz nights – Host a virtual quiz night on Zoom and have each team donate £5 to charity for entry. The Winner donates £50 to the chosen charity.

4.  Birthdays & Anniversaries – For anyone celebrating a birthday, why not ask for donations to charity instead of gifts this year?

5. Commute – Could those of you who were commuting to work and are still working from home donate the cost of a daily fare to Seeing Dogs?

6. Knitting – Why not use your needle skills to raise funds? First of all, decide how you want to sell what you will knit. You could use online auction sites or sell to friends and family. Want to raise even more awareness of your fundraising? Set up a Facebook page, put it on your Instagram Stories, tweet about it, or for more publicity, knit something of local relevance and speak to your local newspapers to see if they will write about it!

7. Music event – Use music as the centre of your fundraising. You could invite friends and family members to share their musical talents at a fun music afternoon or evening and ask people to donate to attend.

A charity book swap is a great way to fundraise

8. Book Swap. Why not hold a book swap and ask for a small donation for entry and/or per book exchanged.

9. Give it up! – Many of us have bad habits, (fingernail biters, own up now please!). If you have a habit you want to kick – eating too much chocolate or one-too-many tasty sweets – why not do it while fundraising for Seeing Dogs? If your habit is costly, why not donate the money you save to charity? Or if your habit causes more frustration to others than yourself, why not have people sponsor you?

10. Exercise-a thon! Get people to sponsor your favourite exercise or fitness event, be that hula-hooping, cycling, or Zumba, where you aim to build on what you did the day before. For example, on day one of the month, you might want to do five push-ups, rising to 100 by the end of the month. This is super sharable, and people will be proud to track their progress on social media.

Seeing Dogs would love to hear about your fundraising efforts, so please send us your photos and stories on Facebook or Twitter