Blog by Seeing Dog newbie, Rosa

Hello, my name is Rosa – ‘Rosie’ for short to my friends. I am the new Seeing Dogs trainee and I am 10 weeks old.

Let me tell you about myself. I’m a bit of a mix as my Mum is a Golden Retriever and Dad is a Labrador. I think I have taken after my mother in looks and coat. I was born on a farm and have five brothers and three sisters. I did miss them when I left home to start training, but I’m enjoying my new home and I get all the attention all the time, so that’s works for me.

There is so much to learn and get used to as a Seeing Dog so I started straight away. At the moment, I’m being carried to the car for my educational visits as I’m not completely vaccinated and can only boldly go where no dog has gone before, except other assistance dogs. I’ve been to the local supermarket, a couple of shopping centres, and the ukulele group.

I like being carried, as I can see so much more from high up and I can slip in a few crafty licks of my rearer’s face when she can’t move out of the way!

I’m not really sure yet if I like the road where I’m staying, because it is very busy and extremely noisy.

It has a fire station and an ambulance station, which makes normal traffic even noisier – it is very different to life on the farm!

I think I am becoming quite a celebrity as I’m always being admired by people. When they walk past, I can hear them say things like, “Oh! What a cute puppy,” or “I know I’m not allowed, but can I stroke your puppy?”

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND

If I was asked, I would say “yes, please stroke me!” but instead I hear, “Sorry, but we’re training,” much to everyone’s disappointment, including mine.

Now, as for the ukulele group, this really is an education! They meet, play, and sing something that they refer to as “music”. I think it may be an acquired taste and I have found the best way to acquire it is to sleep soundly through it. I do like teatime though, as many of the group come over to talk and make a fuss of me. After tea, it is time for a snooze, although I have to fit in a comfort break, whether I want to or not, as it makes my rearer quite sad when I have an accident in the hall.

My favourite hobbies are playing football, closely followed by pulling leaves off the strawberry plants.

That is my life story so far, which I think is pretty good going for a trainee Seeing Dog puppy.

Watch this space for my next instalment of Rosa’s Blog when I tell you about how I find walking on pavements and riding on buses and trains. Exciting!

Lots of love,

Rosie x 🙂