5 Tips to help keep your dog calm this 5th November!

Bonfire Night isn’t that far away, and every 5 November we can hear the sound of rockets and sparklers – bangs and hisses that can upset your your dog – or indeed all pets. 

With this in mind, here are 5 tips from the team at Seeing Dogs to help keep your pets safe and calm on 5th November:-

1. Create a quiet safe spot
Look at creating a safe, quiet place for your pet in a corner of a room they like to spend time in and introduce them to it well in advance of the big night, so they are aware it’s their special, safe place to relax. Remember that in some elderly dogs, hearing becomes more sensitive with age, so loud sounds are magnified. That quiet spot will be all the more important.
2. Ensure your pets are microchipped
Some cats and dogs may panic and run off when they hear loud fireworks, so making sure they’ll be able to return safely is especially important. If you have a new puppy or kitten, it’s essential that they are microchipped ahead of the November festivities, which often go on for a few days after the big night itself. Make sure your pet’s microchip details are up-to-date, especially if you’ve adopted an animal, or if you’ve recently changed your address.
3. Try to keep your pets busy in the day so they are tired before the night-time revelry starts
Take your dog for an extra-long lunchtime walk, or a walk as close to nightfall as possible before the celebrations are in full swing. A tired dog is less likely to bothered by its surroundings, including scary fireworks. If they find it difficult to settle when the fireworks start, playing their favourite active games with them with their toys can be a good way to distract them and tire them out. If they take themselves to a quiet spot, try to just sit near them, as attempting to move them from their ‘safe place’ might make them more stressed.
4. Make sure they can easily access litter trays, food and water bowls and anything else they like, or rely on
When our pets are more stressed, they’re likely to become extra thirsty, or will need the toilet more frequently, so this will be important for their general comfort, too. Make sure food and water bowls are full and close by so they don’t become stressed trying to locate them.
5. Try not to leave them alone
One of the best ways to comfort our pets is simply to be with them. Just sitting with them and speaking slowly and softly to them will help relieve some of their firework-related stresses.

Finally, remember that if a dog is really distressed, please contact your vet as they will be able able to offer you additional advice and may also prescribe some help.